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Few notes and reminders:
  • Please read the calendar carefully.  Because all courts are now in use, we have to change some of the timing to allow for court maintenance.  Time slots highlighted in yellow are 1 hour.  Singles try to book these spots if possible.
  • Ball machine is available for usage on court 13 and 14 (when PRO is not scheduled).  Reserve machine by putting your name in time slot wanted and listing ball machine under your name.
  • As we begin to  open more - patio, benches, chairs, etc. - please wipe down surfaces you touch after you use them (before if you feel the need).  We will also be wiping down surfaces throughout the day.
  • Please leave the court when your designated time is over.  Do not wait for the next players.  That defeats the point of staggering times and social distancing.
  • Please remove all trash (especially tin tops from ball cans) from courts.
  • Please delete your name form the time slot if you need to cancel
  • Housekeeping item:  When making a reservation just click on the desired day, then the time slot and add names.  Please do not click on the button to add a sheet and/or click on the sheet and hide/delete or rename.
  • Only book one court per day. Courts will be released on a first come, first served basis at 7:00am each morning. Please do not book more than one additional court.
  • ALL names of playing members must be listed (including guests)

Please click HERE for the latest reservation schedule.