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Dear Tennis Parent,

It’s that time of year where kids are going back to school, and life is getting back into
a regular routine. Fall is such a pleasant time of year, especially when playing tennis!
The heat has died down, there is a certain something in the air, and the vibrant leaves
are spectacular, especially here at URTC! It’s a great time for kids to be outside and active.
We want to make it convenient for your child to continue developing his/her strokes and
techniques that were developed with much effort and determination this spring and
summer, all while having fun in the great outdoors!

Our PICK 8 CLINICS are held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after school, and
Saturdays this fall starting September 10 - Nov 3. You can pick any 8 clinics you want … maybe
one week you select 2 days, for another week you pick 1 day, and so forth. The enclosed flyer
below lists all the dates and times so you can customize your child’s court time to fit in conjunction
with upcoming after school activities.

Rescheduling a make-up day for a PICK 8 CLINIC for inclement weather or to cancel and
re-schedule a clinic day is now easier than ever — 

For a weather related make-up day:
Pick a future date from the enclosed schedule at least 24 hours in advance. Email me,
noting the date of the original clinic day, and what day you would like to do a make-up.
I will personally see that your child is scheduled for the clinic on that date and I will send you a
confirmation email.  But I do need 24 hours advance notice in order to accommodate your request.
No phone calls please.

To cancel and reschedule an originally selected day:
Email me, stating the date you need to cancel, and then select a future date from the enclosed
schedule at least 24 hours in advance. Again, will personally see that your child is scheduled in the
clinic on the date you request, and confirm it with you via email. 24 hours advance notice is required.
No phone calls please.

So take a look at the flyer below, and see which 8 clinics fit best into your fall activities.  I look
forward to having your child back on the courts where he/she will have fun and continue to
learn the game of tennis: a sport for life.


Kevin Schmitt
URTC Head Tennis and Platform Professional