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In an effort to streamline the process, please use

2023 Adult Weekly Tennis Drills and Clinics
Please sign-up and pay on courtreserve.

Starting April 29th

Saturday Morning Clinics

Men’s 3.5 Clinic

730-9am 2 courts

Interactive playing among participants. Players should be able to hit consistent medium paced shots and be able to change direction comfortably. Pro gives a focus for the drill and then roams giving shot selection pointers, as well. as technical feedback. 

(Minimum of 4 participants to run)

(8 participants total)

($30pp for 4 participants, $23pp for 6-8 participants)

Mixed Cardio Clinic

9-10am 2 courts (up to 12 participants total)

All levels welcome, fun and social while keeping your heart rate up!

(Minimum of 3 participants to run, $30 for up to 4 participants and then drops to $20 for 5+)

Men’s Beginner Clinic

10-11am (minimum of 3 to run at $35pp, 30 for 4 participants, $20 for 5-6 participants)

Learn the fundamentals of the game 

Beginning the week of May 1st

Monday Nights 

Additional Drilling for the ladies BCWTL League 

(For the ladies that cannot make the daytime drilling only)

7-8pm 2 courts (A Teams)

8-9pm 2 courts (B & C Teams)
Pricing dependent on the amount of participants

Wednesday Nights
105 Doubles GameNight

Mixed Men & Women

7-8pm 2 courts (Minimum of 4 participants to run, $25 each for 4, $20pp for 5+)

(16 participants total per week until the week of May 15th) We will then look to add an additional court once Vito and Pepe arrive.

This fast-paced game forces players to move to the net and be aggressive when they are given the opportunity. Sign up with a partner.  There will be a 3.5-4.0 level and a 2.5-3.0 level court.  
  The rules are simple, play to 105 points.

  • 1 point if you win the point by opponent error/opponent gets a racket on the ball

  • 5 points for a clean ground stroke winner.

  • 10 points for a clean volley winner.

  • 20 points if you hit a clean overhead and/or lob winner

Men’s B Team Drilling 

8-9pm 2 courts ($30 for up to 4, $23 for 6-8 participants)

The focus will be Strategy, Positioning, & Shot Selection

Sunday Cardio Clinic

10-11am 1 court up to 6 participants total

All welcome, fun and social while keeping your heart rate up!

(Minimum of 3 participants $30pp, drops to $20pp 5+)


Sunday Ladies Beginner Clinic and Interclub Play


For all new to tennis members 

4-participants 45 minutes of drilling and 15 minutes of monitored play with pointers from Krisi.

Minimum of 4 participants at $35pp

If 1-3 participants, private lessons are an option at that time. 
1-participant $100/hr; 2-participants $55pp/hr; 3-participants $40pp/hr




Clinics….Private lesson:
all rates are listed on courtreserve